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Reducing Janitorial Service Errors in Metro-Detroit

Inconsistent cleaning quality is the greatest frustration for clients when it comes to janitorial services.  The leading cause of these problems in any given building stems from high turnover of the cleaning crew.  When turnover

Tedesco Knocks Another VCT Strip-and-Wax Job Out of the Park

This, ladies and gentleman, is what a stellar VCT strip-and-wax job looks like!  Our floor care crew did an amazing job as usual this past weekend for a clinic we service by stripping and waxing

Don’t Over-Salt!

In the litigious society we live in, it is easy to understand why businesses tend to go overboard when it comes to applying ice melt products to walkways and parking lots when the temperatures dip

Extending the Life of VCT Sealant

Stripping and waxing VCT flooring can be time intensive and costly. By following certain steps you can extend the life of fresh coats of sealant applied to VCT reducing the frequency of the need to

Congratulations to Our Client, Cosworth!

Cosworth has officially launched operations at their new North American Headquarters in Shelby Township, MI on June 25th, 2018 inviting state and local officials along with community members to celebrate with them in a most

Pest Control: Diatomaceous Earth Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to pest control, there is an endless battle between using chemical based products and natural solutions. Diatomaceous earth is one of those natural solutions starting to gain popularity. This article is a

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