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Tedesco Building Services, Inc.  is a proud member of the Construction Association of Michigan (CAM) and had the pleasure of attending its 130th Annual Meeting, luncheon and tradeshow on February 3rd held at Motorcity Casino Hotel in Detroit, Michigan.

The highlight of the meeting had to be James Brenham’s, CEO of JBKnowledge, fascinating keynote address titled “Future Forecast- How Drones, Sensors and Integrated Apps are Rewriting All the Rules”.  The presentation focused on how technology is reshaping daily business practices for industries in construction, architecture and even janitorial services by providing amazing interactive experiences with floor and building infrastructure plans and many other technological advances.  This technology can allow discrepancies to be brought to light early on in a project that would go otherwise unnoticed until it is too late, point out areas where efficiencies can be increased, and provide realistic, to-scale 3-D experiences with yet to be built.  The possible uses for these technologies are endless- James’ message to the group was to be excited about it and embrace it, for it is here to stay and provides amazing assistance to both a business and its clients.

CAM’s new Chairman of the Board, John Raimondo of Roncelli, Inc., was welcomed by all and has many exciting plans for the future of the great organization.  We look forward to seeing all that he accomplishes in the coming year.

The tradeshow offered excellent insight into the latest and greatest services and products offered by fellow members of CAM, with many promising connections made for future business opportunities.

As always we are grateful to be a part of such a large organization and look forward to the 131st Annual Meeting next year!

If you are interested in learning more about CAM you can check out their website here.