Want not just customers but raving fans of your business? Of course you do! Read on to find out some key tips to creating a following of that caliber!

Tedesco Building Services was in attendance on Wednesday, April 11th at the “Create Raving Fans” Lunch-and-Learn put on by the Troy Rotary Club.  The program featured a panel of professionals who have mastered the art of cultivating such a following for their businesses. Panelists included: Shawn Lee of Shawn Lee Studios, Candice Simons of Brooklyn Outdoor, and Ara Tapouzian of the Troy Chamber of Commerce with moderator Michael Angelo Caruso leading the discussion.

Shawn Lee Studios Candice Simons Brooklyn Outdoor Ara Tapouzian Troy Chamber of Commerce

Pictured left to right: Shawn Lee, Candice Simons and Ara Tapouzian

While listing every nugget of wisdom isn’t possible, we would like to share some of our favorite takeaways of the event:

  • There are four steps needed to create a raving fan:
    •  A customer must have a “rocking first impression” of your company.
    • You must follow it up with an equally strong second first impression- don’t drop the ball!
    • Offer a unique value proposition: a product and/or service no one else can offer
    • Provide a consistent customer experience every time running from purchase to social media to follow-up and everything in between.  Never let them down!
  • Shawn Lee advises:
    • we should all promote our customers whenever possible
    • align with what people can relate to ex: the work he does with charities to help promote their cause through his amazing photography skills
    • be relevant
  • Candice Lee points out:
    • the importance of knowing how to sell without selling.  Promote yourself in a manner that does not make people feel like they are “being sold”.  As Jeffrey Gitomer says, “People love to buy but they hate to be sold.”
    • do four things for someone else before you ask them for something- add value to their life and you become valuable to them.
  • Ara Tapouzian stresses:
    • listen to your customers to make sure you are always serving their wants and needs.
    • if what people want and need doesn’t exist, it’s time to innovate it! This creates your unique value proposition.
Meghan Ellison Garrett Popcorn Michael Angelo Caruso

Pictured above: Meghan Ellison of Garrett Popcorn who provided the scrumptious “party favors”, Michael Angelo Caruso acting as moderator

The Troy Rotary Club routinely puts on these phenomenal lunch-and-learns and serves the community in a myriad of other ways.  Check out their upcoming calendar of events here. To thank you for participating in their programs, the second lunch-and-learn you attend is free! Talk about value!

At Tedesco Building Services we work to create raving fans by not only providing great janitorial service but providing a personable relationship to our customers so they know they have a true partner in the

What is your favorite way your business creates raving fans?

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