Tedesco Building Services Participates in Career Focus Luncheon

May 12, 2016 | News, Tips

May 4, 2016   Utica, Michigan:  UCS Foundation Career Focus Luncheon

On Wednesday, May 4th , 2016, Tedesco Building Services’ General Manager, Diane Schaffhauser, participated in the 23rd Annual Career Focus Luncheon at the Palazzo Grande in Shelby Township.  The luncheon is sponsored by the UCS Foundation for Educational Excellence in partnership with the SHRRC, C&G Newspapers and the Advisor & Source Newspapers, and in cooperation with Utica Community Schools.  The event is intended to introduce area youths to a variety of career options as they edge closer to adulthood and begin making education decisions based on potential career paths that interest them.

Diane shared the greater function of Tedesco Building Services within the business communities of Michigan’s Macomb and Oakland counties with a group of 6th graders from Havel Elementary School, explaining internal activities and how our janitorial services help other businesses operate.  She discussed her personal role as the company’s Controller and the education and past experiences that led her here.IMG_2805

“I found the luncheon very rewarding and I was very impressed by the way these smart 6th graders presented themselves. Not only did they ask great questions regarding my personal career but each student at my table gave a brief presentation on themselves and their dreams of where they hope to attend college and the major they wish to pursue. One of the young ladies told me it was very hard for her to pick just one college but that she settled on Harvard and I do believe she will get there with her intelligence and determination.”

Tedesco Building Services was a proud sponsor of the event and hopes to be involved again next year.  To learn more about the event, you can visit their website here.

Pictured in photo: Diane Schaffhauser (center), General Manager of Tedesco Building Services with her table of students from Havel Elementary School.